Origin Story

I always wanted to start a business and after seeing LGBTQ+ people left out of fashion I kind of gravitated to clothing. Started off just trying to create pieces to represent us better... but ended up rebranding. I felt like something was missing... and realized I wasn’t putting myself into things. I felt like I was more so just doing it for others. I’ve seen tremendous growth now that I’ve started leading with my heart and doing what feels right to me. 

A lot about the brand is inspired by life. My trials and tribulations. Learning to love myself. My mascot represents how I felt... trying to hide behind a mask or hide parts of myself. Now I feel like I’m inspired by transforming those seemingly negative things into something I’m proud of. Hoping that it resonates with others as it do me. 

    I think my brand is essential because it’s bringing together so many different people. We live in a world that divides us, and there are so many things that can separate our community. As a black queer trans person I am tired of labels and boxes. I am proud to have a brand that resonates with people from various walks of life. 

    • May 05, 2021
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