Mascot Design - My Process

What's Up Misfits?

A lot has changed since I started MxFitz Brand! I originally wanted a crown for the logo, but quickly realized that it didn't "fit" what I envisioned for my brand. So not long after I dropped I started thinking of what to change it to... backwards, I know. 

I envisioned logo with a mascot. A mascot like Kaws, Milo, and Adam. A classic look that is versatile. So I reached out to a graphic designer Didot and we chatted for a bit. He took my thoughts and came back with three ideas. I chose the paper bag mask. And for the next few dates he'd send me an image and we'd discuss changes until I was completely satisfied. 

Then I switched the colors up. Made the clothes on a greyscale to make the head pop a little more. Plus, I feel like it goes with the overall feel of the brand. Misfits. 

  • Apr 19, 2020
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