SS21 2.0 Drop

So, I've decided to launch part two of the spring/summer 21 collection. I added a new color way for the popsicle shirts. Both tees in colors matching the retro basketball shorts. Those are my biggest flex this drop. I usually try to make all products in house but I'm pushing myself improve. And I did not skimp on the quality. They look and feel perfect! Custom design with embroidered lettering. The stitching on them... listen I love EVERYTHING about these. When I never am fully satisfied with anything. By offering sizes XS - 4XL there the goat. I wanted to do some slides... but they'll have to wait until Fall.

The tie dye shirt and hoodie are going to get so many wears from me this summer. Perfect colors for summer time. And since dropping yesterday they are the best seller. I had to go up in prices because the blanks for these cost a bit more than regular shirts. Also, the hoodie is front and back. 

I may put out some tie dye shorts at some point. Honestly, I want to do it all. 

  • Jun 16, 2021
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