Freshen up your car with these Lil Misfit's bag head air fresheners. Choose between four genderless scents. Each...
A necklace made for a misfit that adds that final touch to any outfit. The 22mm length is well suited for wear...
Shoulder Bag - MxFitz BrandMxFitz Brand Black Shoulder Bag
Shoulder bag are stylish and functional. 
MxFitz Socks - White - MxFitz BrandMxFitz Socks - White
White athletic socks
MxFitz Socks
Everyone loves socks! 
Keychain - MxFitz Brand Logo
You use your keys every single day and take them everywhere. So why not add a Lil Misfit...
Natural tone tote bag with the MxFitz Brand Logo hand printed on one side.  Fabric: 100% cotton canvas...
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