About Us

What Makes Us MxFitz

MxFitz is somewhat of a play on words. Mx = Unisex .Fitz = Outfit. Together to mean Unisex Outfits. But also a play on the word misfits, a person who can’t seem to fit in. We created this brand as a community where Mxfitz can feel accepted and empowered to stand out in confidence.

We are a queer-owned and operated apparel company with a mission to provide unique, fashionable, gender-neutral clothing to misfits of all kinds. Whether you’re queer, trans, non-binary, gender-fluid, or just feeling a little bit sassy – we’ve got you covered! We’re also proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community and aim to provide high-quality, affordable, and unique products for everyone who wants to express their personal style.

 Johnnie Law (They/Them) is the founder and co-owner of MxFitz Brand. Wanting to see more representation of people that looked like them in fashion, Johnnie decided to create that opportunity for their community. Making a conscious effort to hire lgbtq models, influencers, and photographers whenever work needed to be done. This has afforded us to work with a lot of different people from different walks of life. A variety of misfits, if you will. When they are not working on MxFitz they are doing one of their other passions. Johnnie wears many hats as they are also a high school teacher, basketball coach, and mentor.