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What Makes Us MxFitz

Unisex /Fashion /Black Owned/ Queer Owned/ Street Wear
Johnnie Law (They/Them) is the founder and co-owner of MxFitz Brand. Wanting to see more representation of people that looked like them in fashion, Johnnie decided to create that opportunity for their community. Making a conscious effort to hire lgbtq models, influencers, and photographers whenever work needed to be done. This has afforded us to work with a lot of different people from different walks of life. A variety of misfits, if you will. When they are not working on MxFitz they are doing one of their other passions. Johnnie wears many hats as they are also a high school teacher, basketball coach, and mentor.
Rico Harris (All Pronouns) is a co-owner of MxFitz Brand. After being a brand ambassador for the company she made the plunge to ownership in 2022. Since then his impact has been seen in designs, website, social media, etc. They are marketing genius! As most things are keep underwraps, trust... when you finally get a chance to see what he's been working on you will be amazed.