I (Rico) designed the first photo of the OddballRisk (OBR) series in July 2023 while we (Johnnie & I) were trying to figure out how to expand on some of the things we did as a brand (clothing, community events, art, etc). After seeing it, they had the wonderful idea to make it a series, we were just unsure how we would go about it at the time. When I created the image, the words that stuck out to me were Oddball and Risk so that became the name of the series and the basis for how other images would be edited throughout the process. 

The amount of photos was not completely decided until we figured out the design for when the series was completed. With the final design (template) created, we settled on 11 photos. In each photo our favorite oddball, Mx. Fitz, is portrayed in various "risky" situations/positions. The risks are subjective. You interpret and you decide. Your interpretation may be different from the next oddball's but the best part is, there is no wrong or right answer. 

The description is a quote from Twinkle Khanna: "For all the oddballs and misfits out there, eventually, if you just follow your path, you will reach somewhere no one else has. You are uniquely meant to do something that only you can do." We strive to create community; a safe space for the outcasts, those of us who dare to be different. For the misfits in you, from the misfits in us. Stay You. 






OBR 6 

OBR 7 


OBR 9 

OBR 10

OBR 11